Monday, December 12, 2011

COMING UP! The Inclusive Class Radio Show 12/16/11

This week we will be interviewing Heather McCracken. Heather is the founder and executive director of the Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society. Heather is the creator of the Friend 2 Friend model and programs and a mother of three (Katie, Iain and Emma); her son Iain is on the autism spectrum. Heather actively designs and delivers social and communication based programs to children ages 3 through 18 in schools and other community settings throughout North America and abroad. She is widely published and the author of "That's What's Different About Me", "Demystifying Autism: The Friend 2 Friend Simulation Game Program" , "Can I Play Too? Autism Demystification Puppet Program, and coauthor of "Learners on the Autism Spectrum: Preparing Highly Qualified Educators"

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