Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Art of Successfully Including Students with Autism 06/15/12

How can teachers successfully include students with autism in the regular classroom?  Are teachers capable? How do teachers feel about including autistic students in their classes?

Dr. Kristin M. Kosmerl will be answering these questions and more. Listen to our live show  on June 15, 2012 on The Inclusive Class Podcast,at 9 AM EST. If you miss the show, you can download it from Terri's site, Parenting Isn't Pretty or from iTunes.

Dr. Kosmerl received her Doctorate of Education in School Administration with a concentration in Pupil Services from Widener University in August 2011.  Her dissertation was titled, A Comparative Investigation of General and Special Education Elementary Teachers’ Beliefs About Including Students with an Educational Disability of Autism in the General Education Setting. She received her PA Administrative School Certificates in Supervisor of Special Education and Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction in April 2011.

Dr. Kosmerl became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in March 2007, and has worked with students on the autistic spectrum for the past 11 years.  She became certified as a PA Special Education Teacher in June 2005 and certified as a PA Elementary Teacher in May 2001.

Currently, Dr. Kosmerl works as a Special Educational Consultant and Board Certified Behavior Analyst for a Public School District in Pennsylvania.  She works with special education students, teachers , gifted students and administrators in specific buildings, focusing on the inclusion of students with autism and intellectual disabilities.

She resides in a suburb of Reading, PA and vacations at her summer home in Wildwood Crest, NJ. She has one dog, Meiko who enjoys the beach as well.

For more information about Dr. Kosmerl and her work, you can go to her website Autism Behavioral Consulting.  She is also on Twitter under the name, @drkosmerlbcba.

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