Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Help Your Child With Homework! - 08/24/12

We are proud to wrap up our "Back to School" series of podcasts with one of favorite past guests, Susan Fitzell! Susan aka The Homework Guru, will be talking about ways to support your children during homework time! Homework, especially for children with special needs or learning disabilities, can be a time of angst and frustration. With years of experience, Susan has advice and information on how to make homework run smoother for your student!

Susan Fitzell, M. Ed, CSP, specializes in transforming teaching from whole class instruction that teaches to the middle to instruction that structures and enhances lessons to reach every student, whether gifted or struggling. She's a dynamic, nationally recognized presenter, author of nine books for teachers and parents, and an educational consultant. A mother, teacher, and martial artist, Susan has over two decades of experience identifying and meeting the needs of youth, especially those with special needs.

Susan's book, "Please Help Me With My Homework" is also available for parents and teachers in both Spanish and English. In addition, her tips and advice can be found on various social media sites such as Facebook, TheHomeworkGuru.com, Pinterest, Scoop.it and Twitter  (click on each link to be directed to Susan's pages).

Be sure to join us on Friday, August 24, 2012 at 9 AM EST on The Inclusive Class Podcast for the live show. If you miss the show, it will be recorded and you can listen to it from the same link below!

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