Thursday, September 20, 2012

A List of Apps that can Facilitate Inclusion

Last week on The Inclusive Class Podcast, guest Kathleen McClaskey, shared a number of Apps that can "level the playing field". In other words, these Apps can be used to help students with special needs  and/or learning difficulties participate in classroom reading, writing and math activities. 

As Kathleen points out, Apps can actually support ANY classroom student by providing multiple means of engagement. This is a technique that is referred to as Universal Design for Learning. With a better understanding of student needs, UDL is a way for teachers to plan lessons that reach all types of learners. (See below for more information about UDL.)

While Kathleen spoke, I tried to jot down all the Apps that she was mentioning so I could make this list for you. I may have missed a few, so you can click here to listen to the interview in full. Thank you, Kathleen!

Universal Design for Learning:


Speak It! - an advanced text to speech app

Read 2 Go - e-book reader 

Voice Dream Reader - can extract and speak text

vBookz - can read PDF files as reads Audiobooks

Kurzwell Firefly - text to speech with speed, voice and pacing accommodations


Noteability - integrates handwriting, typing and recording

Dropbox - take your notes anywhere


Idea Sketch - easily draw a diagram, mind map, concept map or flow chart

Dragon Dictation - speak and instantly see your message


Toontastic - draw, animate and share

Book Creator - create beautiful books


A Maths Dictionary - online math dictionary 

Math Playground - math games galore

Mathlanding - tools for parents and teachers

Motion Math - represents math concepts through action

Virtual Manipulatives! - use visuals to understand math concepts

Khan Academy - online lessons in math, history and science

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