Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Physical Education for Students with Special Needs - 11/09/2012

There are many opportunities for students with special needs to be included in the school setting. The classroom is just one of the many facets of school life where activities can be adapted or modified to include all students.

On The Inclusive Class Podcast this week, Nicole and Terri will talk to Matt Schinelli. Matt is an expert on adapting physical education for people with various abilities. 

With a Masters in Adapted Physical Education, Matt founded New Jersey All People Equal (NJAPE) to advocate for inclusive recreation, fitness, physical education and wellness to individuals who are differently abled. Matt has served as a public speaker, consultant, author and adjunct faculty member. He has been helping schools, organizations and communities find inclusive solutions for physical activity. 

For more information about Matt's work, you can visit www.NJAPE.org.

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