Monday, March 23, 2015

Books I Recommend for the Inclusive Classroom!

I love recommending resources to teachers and parents to support inclusive education in classrooms! In fact, that is the whole reason I started this blog - to gather quality content about inclusion and put it in one place. From experience, I know that everyone loves to have a good book on hand, which is why I often refer people to books and have the handy little bookshelf at the bottom on this page!

What Now?

To help my blog readers find the books I recommend, I've added an Amazon link on my right-hand sidebar. There, I have listed books I feel will be helpful to students, families and teachers.  Simply scroll through the "Books I Recommend" and find a great resource for the classroom! You will be taken to where you can decide whether or not you would like to purchase it.  The Amazon link looks like this:


I want you to know that I am not receiving any payment from authors to place a book on my recommendation list. In many cases, I have interviewed the author on my podcast, know the author, or know the quality of work. 

Keep Checking!

I will continue to add books that I think will be helpful in the classroom, so keep checking back regularly!


  1. Nicole-
    Thank you so much for including Text Maps and Love This Kid on your list of recommended reads. I really appreciate that! The site continues to be such a great source of inspiration. -Paula Kluth

    1. Thank you, Paula! I appreciate your support and highly recommend all of your books to everyone!