Wednesday, April 15, 2015

3 Podcasts About Autism You Need to Hear Right Now!

In recognition of Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance Month (I know some of our readers feel strongly about which label to give the month of April), here are 3 podcasts from The Inclusive Class that you need to hear right now. Each of these podcasts will provide you with valuable knowledge and insight into educating and including children with autism in the school system.

In the first podcast titled, "The Autistic Child with Dr. Temple Grandin", we hear Dr. Grandin's thoughts on why it is important to include students with autism in the general education classroom.  She suggests that general education classrooms offer several key aspects to supporting growth and development in autistic students.

The second podcast, "Preparing Teachers to Include Students with Autism", with Dr. Susan Marks from Northern Arizona University, explains why we need to train general education teachers to include students with autism in the classroom.

Finally, the third podcast titled, "Inclusion Doesn't Happen Down the Hall", features guests, Lisa Friedman and Torrie Dunlap.  Not so much about autism, but all students with special needs, this podcast opens our eyes to what inclusion really is about and what to expect from schools in the form of inclusion.


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