Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tips for Reaching and Teaching Learners

Loui Lord Nelson, author of Design and Deliver: Planning and Teaching Using Universal Design for Learning, is our guest on this episode of The Inclusive Class Podcast.

With hosts, Nicole Eredics and Terri Mauro, the discussion centers around ways in which educators can reach various learners in the classroom.

Check out this episode!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Qualities of an Inclusive Program

Nicole Eredics and Terri Mauro host a roundtable discussion about the qualities of an inclusive program.

Nili Matthews, from Kids Included Together, and Lauri Hunt, from Ollibean, join this week's discussion.

Check out this episode!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Inclusion Articles for Teachers

Supports, Modifications and Accommodations for Students
Key Terms to Know in Special Education
Arranging a Classroom to Create an Inclusive Learning Environment
My Inclusive Classroom
Inclusion in Action:  Good Morning!
I Can't Find My Homework!
Welcome to "OUR" Classroom
Inclusion in Action:  Postive Classroom Management
5 Things Parents Need to Know About Inclusive Education
10 Reasons for Inclusive Schools
Activities to Enhance Learning in the Differentiated Classroom
Inclusion Doesn't Stop in the Classroom
A Visual Representation of Inclusion
Preparing Students with Special Needs for the Inclusive Classroom
Top 10 Websites for the Inclusive Class
25 Easy Ways to Improve Executive Functioning Skills
What Inclusion Can Do to the Other Kids
10 Ways to NOT Include the Kid with Special Needs
A Letter to Parents of Children with Special Needs
A Picture of Inclusion
Why Would We Want Inclusive Education
Growing Up as a Student with Learning Disabilities
An Inclusion Checklist!
A List Of Apps that Can Facilitate Inclusion
Inclusive Education: It's Great if You Can Get It
Why I Stand with Henry!
10 Easy Changes Teachers Can Make to Facilitate Inclusion
Make the Classroom Sensory-Friendly Today
Insight Into Inclusion:  The Language We Use
16 of the Best Ways Teachers Can Help Students Stay Organized 
A Tip for Teachers....
Helpful Resources for
Creating Inclusive Schools
Children's Books for the Inclusive Classroom
Inclusion Means.....
Video:  "Including Isaac"
Top 10 Blogs About Inclusive Education
Want Inclusion?
Learning Disability or Learning Difference?
10 Reasons for Inclusive Schools
Apps for 21st Century Learning in the Inclusive Class
Inclusion Means ALL
10 Items That Can Make Your Classroom More Inclusive
11 Different Definitions of Inclusion
How to Make Your Classroom Inclusive Today
10 of the Best Pinterest Boards About Inclusion
5 of the Best Inclusive Education Websites You Need to Know About
10 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make in the Inclusive Class
The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Inclusion
The Most Powerful Inclusion Begins with Belief Systems
4 Tips to Facilitate Friendship in the Inclusive Class
5 Ways to Create an Inclusive Reading and Writing Program
Is it Inclusion?
Is is an Accommodation or Modification?
Examples of Modified Assignments


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