6 Must-Have Supplies for the Classroom

Saturday, October 17, 2015 No comments
Here are some supplies guaranteed to make your classroom inclusive! They are available from Lakeshore Learning and Target!

1.  Colored Overlays - help lift words off the page for kids who struggle to read or have attention issues.

2.  Number Lines - always handy for learning numbers, adding, subtracting, skip-counting and decimals. 

3.  Visual Timer - timers help kids manage their work and keep them on track. Helps with transitions as well!

4.  Color Coded Bins/Folders - this can be used in many ways such as organizing folders, homework, and reading groups and differentiated instruction. 

5.  Games - games help bring kids together, learn and develop social skills. Keep a variety of board, card and dice games on hand!

6.  Highlighters - very handy for making adaptations for students, focussing skills, learning and keeping organzied.