Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tips to Support Your Child at School!

During a recent interview with Dr. Howard Margolis, he outlined some EXCELLENT tips for parents on ways to support successful inclusion of their children:

1. Volunteer at your child's school or make time to attend school events. Get to know the school staff.

2. Look for effective teachers at your child's school. Effective teachers have structure in their classroom, are enthusiastic, motivate learners, are compassionate and engage their students in relevant activities.

3. Arrange for your child to be with an effective teacher by writing it into the child's IEP. This can be done by describing in the IEP the nature of the classroom that your child works best in.

4. Listen to what your child says about school. If your child "hates" school, there is a problem. Investigate what the problem is.

5. Request that the school give workshops to parents on how to help their children read, write or support other areas of academic and/or social development.

6. Learn to ask, ask, ask!

The bottom line is: Be Involved!

Do you have any tips to share?

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