Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Would We Want Inclusive Education?

Why would we want inclusive education? Why wouldn’t we want it? Why wouldn't we want to ensure that every child had the same opportunity to be a child? To play with peers, eat lunch together, learn together, attend the same field trip, and hear the same stories? Why would we separate, segregate and alienate children from one another while at the same time teach them to look after the world around them, respect differences and take a stand at injustice.  Ironically, in many schools, injustice happens right before our children's very eyes. Why would we want that?

The successful inclusion of children with disabilities and special needs in our school system relies on the belief that all children have equal access to a quality education. Inclusive education isn't a program, a place or a classroom. It is a way of understanding and living in the real world. Because, in fact, this is a world that has people of all different sizes, shapes, colors and abilities. Inclusive education embraces those differences and has a system that welcomes and supports the needs of children with various abilities. It encourages growth and values diversity. Inclusive education encourages participation and allows for choice. And, Inclusive education benefits...Click to Continue Reading


  1. A great post, and one I would like to quote on my back to school night in September. Every year we hear from a few parents, "I don't want MY child in the inclusion class, but they won't learn as much" (from parents of children who do not have IEPs)!


  2. Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad this will be useful to you :)