Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another Example of a Modified Math Assignment

Here is an example of a modified multiplication worksheet! 

No extra, time-consuming work needed - just a few quick alterations and away you go! 

Go here for more examples of modified work!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Work With Me!

Photo courtesy of Club21

I am passionate about Inclusive Education and love to share what I’ve learned over the past 20 years as an inclusion teacher, parent, advocate, writer and speaker.  If you are eager to learn what inclusive education is, how to successfully include students with special needs in your classroom, advocate for inclusion or find resources, then we need to connect!

There are several ways in which I can help you achieve your goals for inclusion. I have listed them below ranging from services that are free to services for hire.

1.  Check out my site!  I have written over 100 blog posts on topics related to inclusive education. They range from tips, strategies, solutions to information pieces. There is no membership required to access all of these articles.

2.  Subscribe to updates!  I am a frequent poster, not only publishing blog posts, but printables, quotes, contests and surveys. Sign up so you can receive all this content in your inbox. There is no membership required.

3.  Listen to the podcasts!  I currently have 120 free podcasts about inclusive education for listen and/or download on my blog.  With my co-host, Terri Mauro, together we have interviewed some of the most influential thinkers and experts in the field of inclusive education such as Temple Grandin, Dan Habib, Paula Kluth, and Cheryl Jorgensen. Enjoy! 

4.  Hire me to write an article!  I have written dozens of articles about inclusive education for my own blog in addition to other educational sites such as ASCD, The Friendship Circle of Michigan, Ollibean and Noodle. 

5.  Hire me to present a webinar!  I love to organize and present webinars. I helped organize a highly successful webinar series with Brookes Publishing, presented a webinar for the Great Public Schools Network and most recently, Lekotek. My webinars are informative, interactive and based on research and experience. In addition, I was interviewed on the topic of inclusive education on HuffPost Live.  

6.  Book me for a workshop!  I am available for give workshops to parents and/or teachers interested in successfully including students with special needs in the classroom. My workshops are interactive, informative (with the latest research), and practical. I have recently done a series of workshops for Club21 in Pasadena, California. 

I am delighted to share the knowledge and experience I have with inclusive education in any of the above capacities. Please contact me at with your questions and requests. Thank you!