Thursday, June 27, 2019

Round-Up of Inclusion Resources from The Inclusive Class

The other day someone was excited to tell me about a new online binder that housed a collection of  modified lessons for students with intellectual disabilities. Of course, I already knew about it since I had created it about 3 months prior. 

Shortly after that, I saw a quote that I had written and it was floating around Twitter. No one seemed to know where it came from. 

When I started this blog about 8 years ago, my intent was to share snippets of information about inclusion with other teachers. However, my idea quickly snowballed into a podcast, a Youtube channel, a Pinterest account, a get the idea. I just couldn't help myself! I'm passionate about sharing information about inclusion anywhere I can. So, in an effort to catalogue exactly what I have out there and where, I put together this list called, Round-Up of Inclusion Resources from The Inclusive Class. Enjoy and maybe you'll find something new that you haven't seen before! Let me know if I missed anything :)

Social Media:



Instagram: theinclusiveclass



The Inclusive Class Website:

Nicole Eredics:

Resources for the Inclusive Classroom Online Binder:

Modified Lessons for Students with Disabilities:

Inclusion From Square One:


Practical Strategies to Modify Your Curriculum

Online Course:

Why Inclusion Works in an Educational Setting


YouTube Channel:

Inclusion Collaborative Presentation:


The Inclusive Class Podcast:

Print Media:

Inclusion in Action: Practical Strategies to Modify Your Curriculum (2018, Paul H Brookes Publishing)

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