Sunday, September 28, 2014

Is it Inclusion?

Confused about inclusion? Use this handy chart to help you understand what inclusion is and isn't!

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  1. I have a student with special needs who is at Foundation/1st year school level. Their learning goals are to learn the alphabet and high frequency words. They are in year 7/1st year of high school where the English class is reading a novel and discussing the context, comprehension, etc of the story.
    How can the student participate in this when they can't read? By having him participate in a very modified version of these activities, when does he meet his learning goals and learn to read? He needs specific focused activities on alphabet and guided reading, which is the classroom structure and learning strategies for their first year in school.
    How can both the goals for inclusion and the specific SMART learning goals for the student be meet? Surely it can't be one or the other?